About Us

Wade Frohloff, owner and founder of Ideal Painting, began his painting career on houses for friends and their parents while in high school to earn money for college.

After graduating college with a business degree in finance and accounting, Wade worked for several Fortune 500 companies. His entrepreneurial spirit pulled him to begin contracting work in 2006.

In 2017, Wade founded Ideal Painting and has since assembled a team of painters that care as passionately about quality work and customer care as he does.

Is it time for new paint?


Is the paint chalking? Weather and sun damage can take its toll. If you rub your hand on the wall and it comes off on your hand, it might be time for a new paint job.


Is the paint peeling or cracking? This is a sure sign your walls are due for new paint.


If the paint is blistering, it might look like it is bubbling out from the wall. Moisture damage can be the cause and proper cleaning, surface prep will help a new paint job last longer.


Just move in to an older home? New paint on an older home can give it a refreshing feel.